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 Hidden Beauty

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PostSubject: Hidden Beauty   Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:33 pm

May Riddell is a sixteen-year-old girl who has hidden herself away from the outside world since she was thirteen years old. She has never told anyone what happened the summer she turned thirteen. She has never even spoken about it. How is she supposed to discuss it? Matthew, Matty, Ortega was her best friend and next door neighbor for as long as May could remember. How was she supposed to tell anyone that her best friend raped her in the middle of the night in the plastic house in her backyard? The same plastic house where the two of them used to be pretend to be a happy family when they were younger. She couldn’t tell anyone; that would make it real. She tried to pretend everything was okay and act normal, but she couldn’t.

May fled town, moved in with her flighty aunt, and never left her new house. The mansion was the only place she was safe. She was safe. She cut off all connect with Matty, her parents and anyone from her old life. All she wanted was to be left alone. Her aunt had been homeschooling her since she arrived, but she had found that her own education is too limited to keep up with the pace that her niece needed. She called the nearby high school to tell them of the situation and enrolled her niece into the “Students teaching students” program, where high schoolers teach other kids their aged with close supervision by licensed teachers of course

(Name Here) is a sixteen-year-old young man looking for a way to pad his college resume. His high school principal suggests he take part in the new implemented program, “Students teaching students.” (name) signs up and gets assigned to act as May's new teacher. After awhile the supervising teachers trust that (name) can teach May without them looking over his shoulder all the time. (name) can seen that she is hiding things, but he doesn’t her push her. It’s none of his business, though he is curious. He finds May funny, sweet, intriguing, and beautiful. Yet, she refuses to leave her mansion and she hides herself behind hoodies and other baggy clothes. He doesn’t understand, but he knows what he needs to.

Eventually, the two fall in love despite themselves. They proceed very slowly because May’s very skittish. After all, the last guy she trusted violated that trust and took something from her that she can never get back. One day, during a lesson, May told (name) what happened to her. He comforted her, said all of the right things, and cuddled with her. The two of them were happy, in love, and May finally found the one she can truly be herself with.

What will become of their romance and May’s fragile happiness when Matty tracks her down? What will (name) do when confronted with the man who hurt his girlfriend so deeply?
~I just need the guy May falls for I'll be Matty

Name:may Riddell
Bio:Up there

Bio:well I'll make it up in the RP

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Hidden Beauty
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