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Here you can let you mind be free and go past the moon beyond the stars...
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 What she doesn't know...

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PostSubject: What she doesn't know...   Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:10 am

(Female) and (Male) ran into each other one night at a bar, she was waiting for a friend to show up to have dinner, Male was just having drinks after a long day of work; he did not want to go home. Female’s friend called and told her she would not be able to make it, Male thought it would be good to buy her dinner because she was the daughter of his best-friend and felt that he would do the same. they had drinks and harmless flirting but at the end of the night when Male walked Female to the car they shared a kiss and since then they have been addicted to each other.


*Female’s step-dad, Peter, came to her life when she was 4 and she considers him her father.
*Male and Peter went to highs school together and they were best-friends
* Female never met Male till she was 14, because Peter and Male got reconnected, finding out they lived close by. They started hanging out with the family’s each weekend which made Female develop a crush on Male, but nothing serious.
* Female is a virgin, she is very picky with men and does not open very easy to them. She has only ever kissed before.
* Male and his wife were separated once but his wife was pregnant so they decided to stay together.

The Characters:
Male||38||Married with 3 kids||Doctor

*A family man
*Very Charismatic.
*Has been married for 13 years
*Is not in love with his wife, but loves her because she is the mother of his children.

Female||21||Single||Human Services student

*Commutes to college/ lives with her parents.
*Very interested in the way people think or feel.
*Loves too smile
*A bit of a dreamer
I'll Play the female I just need name and looked you can add more of a bio if you wish or create it through the RP like I do..

Name:Gabi Morrow
Bio: whats up there and what I create during RP

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What she doesn't know...
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