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Here you can let you mind be free and go past the moon beyond the stars...
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PostSubject: Unexpected    Unexpected  EmptySat Nov 24, 2012 5:43 pm

The night [M] met [F] was similar to any other night. After work he went downtown to get a drink at his usual watering hole, only to lay eyes upon the young brunette sitting at the bar alone. After a long day of teaching, [F] needed a break from her usual routine and so headed downtown where she met [M], a handsome and charming man. Never did she expect to gain the attention of someone like him, she was covered in pain splatters and was wearing old baggy clothes-not exactly flattering.

[F] who values her reputation, attempted to resist [M]’s allure but it seemed impossible after an evening of flirtatious behaviour and her undeniable attraction toward him. [M] invited [F] to his luxurious penthouse located on the Upper East Side. Then, a few months after their night of passion together, [F] finds out she is pregnant and returns to [M]’s doorstep as she has no one else to turn to not even her mother as she has moved interstate, she was unable to pay her rent and had consequently been evicted from her home.

[M] is unable to turn her away, so he allows her to stay. [M] and [F] begin to become close friends, and he begins to develop feelings for her, but he is unsure if she feels the same. [F] avoids the issue of her pregnancy, fearing [M] will turn her out and still remains somewhat reserved toward him. However, [M] soon learns of [F]’s pregnancy as he finds pictures of a recent ultrasound in her room.

Will [M] tell [F] of his feelings toward her and does she feel the same? Will he be able to commit to the responsibility of parenthood and a relationship?

Can start either when [M] and [F] first meet, or when [F] turns up at his penthouse

• Male- Originally born and raised in Kensington, London, he moved to New York to study and pursue a career in Law. After years of hard work and determination he is now the CEO of a well-known law firm, located in the heart of the city. He is infamous for his charm and charisma and has broken the hearts of many women. He’s had issue with commitment ever since he found his fiancé had been cheating on him with his brother and has not yet been able to fill the void in his heart.

• Female- She has been living in New York her whole life, she was born and raised in Brooklyn by her mother, after the tragic loss of her father who was killed in a car accident when she was five. It was during this period in her life that she began to express herself through art, as it was the only was she felt comfortable. Now she works at a local high school as an art teacher, she is laid-back and easy going and in the eyes of her students she can be quite eccentric at times.

Character Sheet:

Name:Haylee Ridder
Bio:Most is up there
Appearance:Unexpected  847-02783528w

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