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Here you can let you mind be free and go past the moon beyond the stars...
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 Never Let me go

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PostSubject: Never Let me go   Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:29 pm

The year is 1690. The era of the pirates seems to be flourishing, and in the Caribbean they have claimed themselves lords of the sea. A former sailor, now a poor fisherman who has long retired from the adventures of the ocean, holds a strange map as his dearest possesion. His daughter is the only one who knows what that parchment is and what value it really has. When a pirate raid takes place in their town, killings and robberies follow. The old man burns his parchment to avoid its secrets to end up in the wrong hands, but when the pirates threaten to kill him, his daughter speaks up and makes a deal with the captain: she will take him to where the map led if he spares her father’s life. When the pirate agrees, the girl must keep her word and do her part of the bargain, revealing bit by bit what the map held.

We can start when the daughter leaves with the pirates.


Male Character (25 years old): Open
Ever since he was younge he has been on his own. He has no memories of his mother and father and he grew up in an orphanage, where he had food, a roof over his head and even received some education, but nothing remotely close to someone caring about him. Growing up in a port town he was lured by the sea since an early age, the promise of freedom and a life beyond the orphanage filling his mind. By the age of 12 he escaped in a trading ship and that is how all began. Eventually he turned to smuggling and thieving, he learned swordfighting and acquired a particular liking to rum. He was every bit a pirate as those he sailed with, and when the chance came and mutiny happened in his favor, he became the captain of the “Poseidon”. When rumors reached him about a lost map he and his crew had been searching for, he headed his ship to the West Indies looking for the man he knew would have it.

Female Character (19 years old): Closed
Evalynn Lockwood was raised only by her father, William Lockwood, and whatever happened to her mother is a haze to the girl. Her father has never liked talking about the matter, but she knows whatever it is that happened, he holds himself responsible for it. When William was younger he used to be a sailor, and though he has never revealed it to his daughter, he was a pirate. Now he has taken the job of a fisherman and Evelyn is the one who helps him knitting the nets. Ever since she was a little girl her father showed her a strange parchment he said he got in his travels when he still sailed away to foreign lands. He used to tell her stories involving the places shown in it and taught her how to read the strange symbols it had. It was no wonder she ended up memorizing every part of the map, a fact that helped her save her father’s life when some pirates came and raided her town.

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Posts : 4600
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PostSubject: Re: Never Let me go   Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:39 pm

Name:Evalynn Lockwood
Bio:up there

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Never Let me go
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