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 She had it all.(Open)

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PostSubject: She had it all.(Open)   Mon May 13, 2013 10:03 pm

She had fame, a loyal fan base, a good manager to deal with the paparatzi, and a beautiful home in Hollywood. But then she got cancer and was told she could never sing again. Her fame died out. She had to sell everything and move back in with her parents. They took her back with open arms. But she's lonely in her parents house. Doesn't get out much. But then a guy her age buys the house across the street from her parents home. She starts going out on the screened in porch. Relaxing into one of the couches made for one person. And watches him. Slowly falling in love with him even though she doesn't really know him.

Will he feel the same? Will they be together? Or will her cancer come back?
Character needed:
The Guy.

Char sheet:
Name: Star Rose Eirkson (A.K.A Star Rose)
Bio: She grew up in a small town in New York. Where her parents still live. When she was 18 she tried out for a singing contest on TV. She won. Taking her loyal fan with her to her ride to fame. But then when she was almost 25 she was diagnosed with cancer. She went through Kemo, the bald head, and everything. She's now in complete remission. But the doctors make her come in for tri-monthly check up to make sure they can keep ahead of the cancer if it ever comes back. When this did happen she moved out of her fancy house in Hollywood, sold everything and put the money in a bank account to live off of, and now lives with her parents. They like that she's finally home with them again. They had missed her. But now she hardly goes out. Her childhood friends just come by to ask her for money. So she's all alone. Sometimes she goes out but its rare. But maybe the new guy will help her come out of her shell?

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She had it all.(Open)
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