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 Mysterious nights

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PostSubject: Mysterious nights   Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:42 am

I woke up this morning to the sound of a humming bird standing on my windowsill. I smiled as i noticed how colorful his feathers were, close to a rainbow, it made me want to touch it, stroke his little head but i knew better. As soon i would approach it it would fly away scared of me even though i wouldn't even think to hurt it.
I got up and went to ready myself for another boring and long lonely day, yes you heard right a lonely day. The thing is I keep to myself and have big trust issues which make it perfectly hard for me to have friends, but i'm not whining i'm good being all by myself it doesn't hurt.
"Lily!" i heard my mom call my name and rushed down to the kitchen to have breakfast.
"good morning mom" i pecked her cheek and sat on my usual seat hoping she didn't know i had sneaked out last night she would kill me if she knew.
My mom's name is Viviane, she used to be very beautiful in the past, but having to raise 3 kids by her own required two jobs and it worn her out. she stopped taking care of herself and her beauty, even if she wanted
to, she didn't have time for that anymore. I was looking at her blond curly hair and green hazel eyes thinking of the last time she had gone out and had fun...a long time ago. She sat up a cup of milk in front of me silently and went back to make her coffee, maybe she didn't suspect anything after all. But than again i might have thought i was in security a bit too fast because the next thing i heard was my mom asking for explanation.
"where were you last night? and don't say in bed you weren't there and don't even try to say you were on the porch i checked it and didn't find you" her tone was serious and accusing.
I didn't know what to say, I didn't want to lie to her but i couldn't tell her i was at the graveyard all alone at night she might have a heart attack! Luckily i didn't have to say anything because as impatient as she was she spoke before i could even answer.
"Are you sneaking around to see some boy? you have to be honest! and i think i have the right to know where my daughter hangs out and with who".
At first I was chocked but then saw an opportunity to get away with this "yes mom, i've been with a boy but he's just a friend and he just lost his father, since i've already been through this i thought i could be there for him. i'm sorry" oh god what a good liar i've become! "i'm gonna be late for school" i stood up and collected my lunch bag " don't wait up i have a group study after school" here we go again another lie.
I started feeling guilty so i rushed out the kitchen before i could tell her the truth and be grounded. On my way to school i had this odd feeling of someone watching me, its actually been like that for the past couple weeks now, but i was tough enough not to be scared or so i thought.
I finally made it to school and luckily i was closing my locker when the first bell went off. i went to my first class and waited my english teacher to come, i loved this class because we had lots of writing sessions.
Yes, i forgot to mention that i love to write stories and poetry and i also read a lot but that is off subject. Lets get back to my boring life.
The teacher came in with a kid i never saw before but who seemed familiar to me, he must be new. He was cute, tall, brown hair with green eyes, he had high cheek bones and determined full lips, the kind you like to kiss. Oh my, what am i thinking about! and why am i staring? i immediately looked away even though it was hard not to look into those eyes.
"good morning, this is Derek, he used to be a student here but left a few years ago and now he's back, be nice and appropriate" i heard the teacher say as he handed him a book and told him to sit wherever he wanted. i saw Derek walk toward the empty seat next to mine, i smiled at him and looked away when the lecture started.
Derek was in almost all my classes and he always sat next to me even when they were other available seats but he never talked to me.
After school i took the road that lead to the woods, i'll reach the cemetery from there. It was too risky to sneak at night now so i'll do my best to do it during the day. I was walking slowly, enjoying the sun and the wind, the scent of trees was good and reminded me of the times i came here with my father and older brother Mark.
Mark used to come here to learn how to fight, our father always said it was important for him to know how to defend himself. My thoughts were briskly interrupted by my deep inner voice Run!you don't want to stay here any longer, Run! the voice was urgent and it made me realized something was wrong, something or someone was after me.

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Mysterious nights
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