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PostSubject: Salvation   Salvation EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 7:07 pm

The nations were at war. The lands were at unrest. The economies across the globe were plummeting into despair. Everyone was looking for hope. Some sort of salvation from the distress they were in. And it had gone on for nearly decades. When one war would die down another would rear its ugly head and everyone would stake their position. The societies suffered while the leaders looked for a solution; a solution that only seemed to be found in more unrest and death. The grounds of the once safest nations were now uprooted with the blood spilled across them. The only peace that could be found was in the history books that school children would read. Even the elderly found they were mere infants when the wars started.

What money was made by the nations was poured into its military. Everyone was looking for the next edge, the next deadliest weapons. For awhile the threats of nuclear devices ran ramped, the fools actually thought that would scare the other nations off. But everyone had them at this point. So the first “red button” pushed was basically the death sentence for the rest of the world. No one wanted the end – they just wanted a winning solution for their nation.

That solution never came.

But soon scientists across the globe stopped trying to simply enhance the weapons their military used, but started experimenting with the soldiers themselves; completely unbeknownst to the public, of course. If that sort of knowledge was known by the mothers, siblings, and spouses of said soldiers they’d have their own civil rebellion. No, instead when another “failure” took place they’d simply send a military official to their home and announce that they died heroically in action. Families always seemed to take death better when there was a metal attached to it. At least that’s what they told themselves to ease their consciences.

And finally their hardwork and “failures” paid off; they found the perfect injection to make their soldiers faster, stronger, smarter, and the perfect weapon.

(B) joined the military to help his country. His father was a decorated sergeant and so was his father’s father. It was in his blood to help make a difference. He believed if you weren’t part of the solution, you were part of the problem. (B) excelled immediately; he was strong and smart. He was soft spoken, but was a forced to be reckoned with when you came against him. He climbed the ranks easily and wasn’t afraid to fight in this ugly, horrific war. He felt like his cause was the right one and he was fighting for the good guys.

That’s what made him the perfect candidate.

He had thought he was going in for an annual check up when they summoned him to the medic’s office. (B) went willingly. Why wouldn’t he? But before the exam could even start he was transported to another off-site facility. He didn’t ask questions. (B) had learned early on in his training you did not ask questions of your superiors – they had your best outcomes in mind. In fact, it wasn’t until he awoke attached to numerous machines and feeling sick to his stomach that he began to question his location.

They didn’t like questions. Questions would lead to answers, answers that the public wasn’t ready to hear. Answers that would easily lead to the rebellion they were trying to avoid by keeping this project top secret.

He bolted.

And within a matter of seconds became a wanted man. But he wasn’t going down alone – he’d kidnapped a woman. A woman who’d really just been collateral damage. She had initially acted like she just wanted to help him – showing him out to get out without being caught. But he wanted answers and if she worked for this organization she was an excellent place to start.

Unfortunately (G) didn’t take being kidnapped very kindly and wasn’t willing to cooperate, at first. She But then she realized she was safer running with him than she was going back. (G) had worked for the military’s intelligence office long enough to know any breech of protocol was enough to get you killed. Forget any chance of a fair trial. These people were above the damn law and even them just seeing her with (B) made her public enemy number one right along side him. 
Now it was kill or be killed. Fortunately (B) had just become the nation’s perfect weapon, he just didn’t know it. Yet.

○ I figure this plot will start with (B) waking up in the facility and trying to figure out what’s going on. But if you’d like to start sooner/later, just let me know! We can work out that plot as well.
○ I will play EITHER character

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